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Topical Light Infusion


Your ReAct device comes with a Topical Light Infusion treatment like you experience in studio at Gina Marí Skincare. You have your choice between Anti-Aging, Acne and Vitamin-C. 


The EGF Firming Mask is ideal for boosting collagen and cellular repair. This 2-step process combines a thick serum mask with a preformed gel mask. This skin repairing formulation combines the benefits of anti-aging peptides with an epidermal growth factor and hyaluronic acid. This blend of powerful ingredients has several benefits including reducing redness and pore size, boosting hydration, boosting the synthesis of Collagen I, III, and IV, and protecting against glycation. Firmer, smoother, vibrant and more vibrant skin is often noticeable after just 1-2 treatments.

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The Blemish Control Mask is ideal for congested and excessively oily skin. This healing mask is a potent formula enhanced with several Power Pure ingredients aimed to reduce inflammation, detoxify skin tissue, and reduce excess oil and unsightly skin blemishes.

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The Pro Power C Liquid Activator is combined with the highly concentrated Vitamin-C sphere. Blending the liquid activator and Vitamin-c powder at the time of use ensures each topical light infusion treatment remains fresh at its peak potency until activated for use. This multi-step process combines a powerful serum with a highly concentrated Vitamin-C powder sphere to create a supercharged formulation. Once this blended serum is applied to the skin, it is covered with a pure translucent hyaluronic gel mask to ensure maximum absorption and delivery. This boosting infusion is ideal for targeting fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture and unwanted dark spots. Brighter, vibrant, healthier, and more even skin is often noticeable after just 1-2 treatments.

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